Welcome to our New Construction page for 2016-2017 Homes.

According to an industry expert,  twice as many people seem to prefer buying  a new home than to purchase an existing home.  “New” as you wold guess means a brand new property that has never been lived in before or it refers to a home bought pre-construction. Existing or a home for resale is a pre-owned propertys. Interestingly, almost half of all Americans either somewhat or strongly prefer a newly-built home over an existing one.

While this may make sense, why is that the case? Let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one:


With a new home, you can have the builder customize the home before construction is completed, so it will be built to your personal tastes and wants. With new construction or pre-construction purchases, the work is done for you. 

New homes also  come with design elements that reflect today’s lifestyle demands for open, eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, and large master baths and more modern finishes.

A big financial benefit of new properties is that you won’t have to do much maintenance or repairs with new appliances, plumbing, heating, and air. Added to that are the use of new construction materials, better energy efficient and lower utility costs.

New homes are usually equipped with the latest technology built right in the home such as alarm systems, speaker systems, Internet wiring, and cable.


New homes can cost more – sometimes up to 20% more than a similar existing home. Upgrades and add-on features are heavily marked up developer's profit and can end up costing you far more than you ever anticipated.

Many new construction neighborhoods and developments are built far away from schools, supermarkets and shopping centers. Also, if you’re one of the first to move in, you may end up living in a construction zone for some time.

New neighborhoods take time to become a lovely, quaint, tree-lined older neighborhood that has a well-established community of neighbors. New homes are also less charming than their older counterparts.

New homes are usually built on smaller lots than most older homes. If you want lots of space between your house and the next door neighbor’s, you may not find it in newer subdivisions.

There are a number of lifestyle factors to consider; especially since you are not just buying a new house,  you’re buying a new home and a new neighborhood.

So when you're thinking about buying a new home versus a pre-existing house, the most important single factor to consider is what will make you happy. The rest is simple. 

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