I hear this every year, no one buys or sells their home in the winter season. Well, I say, you are wrong. The busiest time for me has always been November to December. This year is no exception. Even my husband and I purchased our home 12 years ago in the Fall time. We closed in November, just before Thanksgiving. Every year I listen to clients tell me how they really want that new place to call home for the holidays. It’s awesome! Most days we are content to sit where we are and do nothing. But the holiday seems to bring everyone out of their shells. “Home” means so much more this time of year.

Now sure, if you are close to the beach or Dauphin Island, then you will see a surge in business in the spring and summer. That is what the summer means to a lot of people, getting close to the beach or water for some fun. I consider the waterfront area to be more of a specialty type of real estate. Generally speaking, the gulf views and white sand are not primary residences. They tend to be more for investment and leisure purposes. Therefore, these properties will be popular during the season that they can be used most.

But “home” will be popular almost any time of year. Now a days, home is much more of a need than a want. When we need more space for the growing family or need less space for the empty nesters, it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is. We will sell and/or buy when we “need” it. That includes the fall and winter times. 

I mentioned to someone recently that I am always busy around the holidays. The comment I received back was that maybe it’s just the agents that slow down and not the market. Well, that could be it too. It’s hard to keep up the pace during the holidays when we should be cleaning out, decorating, and celebrating with family. So much of the Realtors work is outside, showing houses and looking at homes in order to list them. Not the best office when it’s cold. I must admit that I am not a fan of cold weather. It is possible that I was meant to be a bear and hibernate! 

So, please don’t let the weather put a damper on your home needs. If you feel it is time to move, well then, move. I can’t guarantee that you will sell your home in December or that you will fall in love with your dream castle in December. But I can say that the market is always moving and you can be too.

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